Cutting Deep

T a Anderson

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Publisher Marketing: A sexy, comedic portrayal of a young woman running toward her future, who ends up crashing into love... again. Ande Taylor, a snarky, twenty something woman, has known one truth in her life: Failure is an option. In a last ditch effort to break her failing streak, she enrolls into a prestigious culinary school in the hopes of salvaging her bleak future, and comes face-to-face with Daniel Alan, her soon to be culinary instructor. Daniel is every woman's fantasy. He's hot, he can cook, and he has the heart and brain to match. The attraction is obvious, but Ande refuses to be pulled into the 'hot for teacher' cliche. She has plans: graduate culinary school and don't get her heart broken... again. But fate has a different plan and a whirlwind relationship forges between Ande and Daniel. All seems perfect in the world. That is until Ande's ex, Blake, comes back into the picture. Ande soon finds out that she isn't the only person harboring secrets about an old flame. She had her mind set on the future, but now, reliving the nightmare of her past may be her only chance at moving forward. Ande knows what she wants out of life, but is she prepared for what life wants out of her? Getting burned in the kitchen is the least of her worries, it's the hot men in her life that she should be cautious of.

Media Bøger     Paperback Book   (Bog med blødt omslag og limet ryg)
Released 08/09-2013
ISBN13 9781502483966
Publisher Createspace
Pages 430
Dimensions 216 × 140 × 22 mm
Weight 494 gram
Language English