Tame Your Woman: Be the Man She Needs You to Be

Carl E Stevens Jr.

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How do you have a relationship with a woman who pees standing up? That was the question Carl had to ask himself after marrying fiery, young Kenya, whose need for dominance and control overshadowed not only his needs, but her abilities. There were a lot of broken lamps in the early years of their relationship. However, there were moments when things teetered on the edge of getting a lot uglier than a broken lamp, too. Thankfully, a radical change in attitude saved their marriage. They became strong enough to thrive through big challenges: parenthood, losing their home to fire, and Kenya's near-fatal illness. Carl, who now co-leads relationship workshops with Kenya, shares the lessons learned not only of his own struggle to be in a relationship of equals, but of his and Kenya's deep study of the subject. In this book readers will learn: --Why "a boy cannot become a man until he has healed a woman." --How to determine what a woman really wants, and how to give it to her without losing your self-respect or her respect for you. --Why your position on the "Monk Scale" makes all the difference to your success as a husband and father. --How to keep your own vices from getting in the way of your relationship

Media Bøger     Paperback Book   (Bog med blødt omslag og limet ryg)
Released 05/07-2010
ISBN13 9780980166323
Publisher CreateSpace
Pages 148
Dimensions 220 × 140 × 10 mm
Weight 177 gram
Language English