The 119 Show - Live in London / Ltd. Blu-ray+dvd+2cd Digipak

Lacuna Coil

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The exclusive one-night-only 20th anniversary show!

More than 2 hours of live material plus behind the scenes footage and an interview!

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of LACUNA COILâs debut. To celebrate this special year, the Italians played an exceptional show on January 19 in London at the O2 Forum Kentish Town. The unique, one-time event was filmed and recorded for âThe 119 Show - Live In Londonâ. Fans can look forward not only to a very special live performance that was accompanied by the UK circus group Incandescence, but also to a career spanning set including LACUNA COIL songs never played live before.

The DVD and Blu-ray offer two additional features: âBehind The Curtainsâ allows for a glimpse behind the scenes, before and after the show while âEnter The Coilâ is an in depth interview with the band that was filmed in 2017. Enjoy close to 3 hours of unique and intimate audio-visual material from LACUNA COIL.

The 119 Show â Live In Londonâ is available in the following formats: Ltd. Blu-ray+DVD+2CD Digipak and 2CD+DVD.

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