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 Public Vices - Private Virtues? Corruption and Its Discourse in Greece

Effi Lambropoulou


Yet, the more the country improves its normative and administrative instruments to prevent corruption and promote transparency, the lower its score at the CPI. This is not easy to explain, taking also into account the high disapproval rate of citizens and endless criticism from the media. The often-used argument about the low scores concerns the ?non enforcement? and/or the ?inefficient? implementation of measures and improvements. It is however not based on any data research or reliable proof. Furthermore, Justice Statistics show that the number of relevant offences has been very low. Some studies note that moral disapproval of corruption does not necessarily associates with willingness to make a complaint about it, or that the followed behaviour does not necessarily coincide with the legitimising of corruption. Therefore, are the CPI indicators influenced by certain factors, which are much more complicated than they can imply? Why don?t the control bodies have some impact on the country?s profile?

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Media   Paperback   (Bog med limet ryg)
Released   20/01-2014
ISBN13   9783659500299
Publisher   LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
Pages  128
Dimensions   8 × 150 × 226 mm
Weight   200 gram
Language   English