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 The Life Stories: Pregnant Women at Sea

Nhan Thieu Nguyen


Publisher Marketing: The life stories to be told reflect the total panorama of the Vietnamese people and its author. This book was written by a witness who lived, worked, and suffered during the different stages of the country, from colonial French to the democratic government of South Vietnam, and later living under the ruthless regime of the communists who took over after the war. Author Nhan Thieu Nguyen remembers his incarceration, as well as living in the re-education period and his escape. His trauma has never been forgotten. The Vietcong used re-education for revenge after the Khmer Rouge bloodbath that killed 165,000 political prisoners. Nguyen was a survivor among the 800,000 members of ARVN and the public servants congregated after Saigon fell on April 30, 1975. He believes the communist character has never changed, even if it has replaced its lizard skin for survival after the Soviet Union collapsed. During imprisonment, Nguyen pretended acquaintance with the winner. But in his re-education camp, he saw that intellectuals were to be killed, because communists hated talented people and the highly educated. Readers will discover the true Vietnamese culture and the part it played in history. Born in South Vietnam, Nhan Thieu Nguyen now lives in San Jose, California. A senior citizen, his dream has been to tell the world of his wartime experiences as a former captain of ARVN and the harsh life he has survived. He wishes to thank his son, Nam Thanh Nguyen, who helped him with his English in writing the book, and the SBPRA publishing staff, who made his dream come true. Publisher's website: http: //

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Media   Paperback   (Bog med limet ryg)
Released   23/07-2015
ISBN13   9781631357350
Publisher   Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agenc
Pages  102
Dimensions   229 × 152 × 6 mm
Weight   159 gram
Language   English