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The Guardians of God: Series 20 Saga 1: Rise of the Guardians

B a Ellis


Publisher Marketing: We begin with our heroes falling to their doom. Their doom. Their leader Max Hero reviews his life. We are at the Star Wars planet Tatooine, where our hero and his robot Brandon-Bot runs away from a Rancor. Whenthe beast flees the two-somes get teleported to heaven, where they talk to God. God tolds them that they are the descendents of a long line of heroes called The Guardians, their mission was to find every Guardian and Crest, and protect the Multi-verse from an ancient (but still functioning) evil force. The two select fifteen new members from each section of the Multi-verse. Their teammates are a team of teenage heroes that figt in a virtual world, three alien robots that have the power to change-shift, a alien who travels in a blue box, a raccon theif, a super fast hegdehog, a princess, and his brother. Meanwhile, the leader of the ancient evil force, Apep recruits our heroes enemies, and send them to collect one million souls, so he can escape his prison. Our heroes venture into amazing worlds. A Earth that's in war with space-Nazi, a alternate dimension of Paris, a metal planet, a lost planet, a medivil world ruled py horses, another version of Paris, a virtual world, and Egypt. Will our heroes find the six relics and defeat this mysterious threat or will they die try? Find out by reading it yourself.

Item details

Media Paperback   (Bog med limet ryg)
Released 30/01-2014
ISBN13 9781495393945
Publisher Createspace
Pages 30
Dimensions 229 × 152 × 2 mm
Weight (estimated) 129 gram
Language English