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 And Face the Unknown: the Journey of a Lincoln-freed Colored

CD Harper


As Levy clings to a tree high above a river and tries to catch his breath, he doesn't know what to do next. He has been a slave for Mr. Willoughby since he was little boy, and now things are changing. Unsure of what year it is, Levy escapes the jaws of slavery on the cotton plantation. He is a runaway slave without a plan. As soon as he sees a boat floating in the river, Levy knows what he must do. With Mr. Willoughby on his tail, Levy boards the boat and hides behind the big wheel. As he somehow eludes capture, he begins a journey with a colored captain at the helm who works for none other than Levy's former owner. As the captain takes Levy under his wing and they travel down the river, Levy finally learns what it's like to be a free man with choices and the ability to make decisions for himself. But danger lurks around every curve, and Levy soon finds that his journey to independence will not come without challenges. In the second installment of this historical tale, a Lincoln-freed Colored risks everything in order to realize the sweet taste of liberty and justice for all.

Item details

Media   Paperback   (Bog med limet ryg)
Released   02/10-2012
ISBN13   9781475947564
Publisher   iUniverse
Pages  232
Dimensions   140 × 15 × 216 mm
Weight   299 gram
Language   English