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 Life After Death, on This Side of Heaven

Ma Lmhc Darcy Thiel


Life After Death, On This Side of Heaven follows the journey of the Thiel-Colvin family as they rebuild their lives after losing their husband and father at an early age. Written with the same spirit as Bitter and Sweet, Ms. Thiel offers a raw and honest account of the path she and her family have taken through their grief and loss. From the emotional turmoil, to the practical tasks of dealing with insurances, this is a must-read handbook for anyone struggling with moving forward after a devastating loss.

Item details

Media   Paperback   (Bog med limet ryg)
Released   18/11-2014
ISBN13   9780988610149
Publisher   Baby Coop Publishing, LLC
Pages  206
Dimensions   133 × 11 × 203 mm
Weight   218 gram
Language   English
Contributor   Dr. Megan Farrell