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 Essays Ancient and Modern

Fr Donald Andrew Dodman


In this collection of essays, Father Dodman joins past to present. After sifting through essays written during his final theological year at Seminary, the idea of responding to his younger self was born. In re-reading those 50 year old essays, which where presented orally in his final seminary year, Father Dodman recognized how much his perceptions on various topics have evolved. For him, this illustrated how much theological thinking is is always in the process of growth and development. Father Dodman has had a varied career as a parish priest involving both rural and inner city parishes as well as a number of years spent with various Aboriginal Communities. Geographically, his work has spanned parishes from British Columbia and Alberta to some years in the Arctic regions of Nord-Québec.

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Media   Paperback   (Bog med limet ryg)
Released   28/05-2013
ISBN13   9780981075037
Publisher   Father Donald Andrew Dodman
Pages  364
Dimensions   203 × 127 × 21 mm
Weight   395 gram
Language   English