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 Gate Deadlock

Urania Sarri


Have you ever thought that the present reality can be predetermined and constantly monitored by the dark forces of the future world with the only aim to protect their own reality? Could the present and the future be evolving simultaneously?

What if you suddenly discovered that everything you have considered to be your own choices were nothing but inevitable responses to the sly directions of the future? Even worse, what if it was your heart that betrayed you by selecting the future? 

 Gate Deadlock, a Young (and Forever-Young) Adult, time-travel romance, will share with you the secrets of the future and of forbidden love.

Item details

Media   Paperback   (Bog med limet ryg)
Released   11/11-2009
ISBN13   9780557082179
Pages  254
Dimensions   230 × 150 × 10 mm
Weight   376 gram
Language   English