Beethoven: Pianosonatas 30,31,32

Glenn Gould

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By the time Beethoven composed this work, his output had declined substantially, perhaps owing to his deafness and disappointments in life. The only complete works to emerge from the period of 1820-1823 were this last three piano sonatas. Even when compared to these imposing works, the âE major Piano Sonataâ retains its status of a masterpiece. With Gould, you'll get excellent interpretations of some of the lesser known works. Even when a movement runs off track, you sense the pianist's excitement and good humor. These are some of the cleanest and most musical performances of Beethovenâs last three sonatas ever recorded.


.. 30,31,32

Media Musik     LP   (LP VINYL)
Released 19/04-2019
EAN/UPC 8719039005512
Cat. no. VPC85069
Genre Classical
Weight (estimated) 300 gram
Conductor Glenn Gould

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