Best of the Singles Vol.1 - 1946-1953

Rosemary Clooney

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1 - 1946-1953

Media Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
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Specielt cover Digipak
Released 15/03-2019
EAN/UPC 5036408209924
Cat. no. RTRCD76
Genre Jazz
Weight (estimated) 310 gram


  1. Uncle Remus Said
  2. Sooner or Later
  3. Everybody Has a Laughing Place
  4. How Do You Do
  5. Zip a Dee Doo Dah
  6. I'm Sorry I Didn't Say I'm Sorry
  7. Tira Lira Li (Song of the Gondolier)
  8. My O' Darling', My O' Lovely, My O' Brain
  9. Gonna Get a Girl
  10. I'm My Own Grandpaw
  11. Secretary Song (Bibidi Boo Bot)
  12. At a Sidewalk Penny Arcade
  13. Who Killed 'er?
  14. There's a Man at the Door
  15. A Boy from Texas, a Girl from Tennessee
  16. Saturday Night Mood
  17. Click Song
  18. You Started Something
  19. Chowder Social
  20. It's Like Taking Candy from a Baby
  21. Grieving for You
  22. It's a Cruel World
  23. 'a' You're Adorable (The Alphabet Song)
  24. San
CD 2
  1. When You're in Love
  2. Cabaret
  3. Bargain Day
  4. Lover's Gold
  5. The Four Winds and the Seven Seas
  6. Don't Cry Joe (Let Her Go, Let Her Go)
  7. Oh, You Beautiful Doll
  8. There's a Broken Heart for Every Light on
  9. Chicago
  10. If I Had a Million Dollars
  11. Kid's a Dreamer
  12. Why Don't You Haul off and Love Me
  13. Busy Line
  14. The Canasta Song
  15. A Good Time Was Had by All
  16. I Only Saw Him Once
  17. On an Ordinary Mornin
  18. Peach Tree Street
  19. Why Fight the Feeling
  20. Crying Myself to Sleep
  21. Where Do I Go from You?
  22. (Remember Me) I'm the One Who Loves You
  23. Bless This House
  24. I Only Saw Him Once
CD 3
  1. Marrying for Love
  2. You're Just in Love
  3. Place Where I Worship (Is the Wide Open Spaces)
  4. House of Singing Bamboo
  5. Love Means Love
  6. Cherry Pies Ought to Be You
  7. Sentimental Music
  8. I Still Feel the Same About You
  9. When Apples Grow on Cherry Trees
  10. Beautiful Brown Eyes
  11. Shot Gun Boogie
  12. Mixed Emotions
  13. The Kentucky Waltz
  14. Come On-a My House
  15. Rose of the Mountain
  16. Did Anyone Call?
  17. Tenderly
  18. If Teardrops Were Pennies
  19. I'm Waiting Just for You
  20. I Wish I Wuz (Hi, Ho. Fiddle Dee Dee)
  21. Blues in the Night
  22. Why Don't You Love Me
  23. Poor Whip, Poor Will (Move Over, Move Over)
  24. Botch-a-me (Ba-ba-baciani Piccina)
CD 4
  1. On the First Warm Day
  2. Too Old to Cut the Mustard
  3. Good for Nothin'
  4. Who Kissed Me Last Night?
  5. You'll Never Know
  6. In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening
  7. When You Wish Upon a Star
  8. On the Atchison Topeka and the Santa Fe
  9. The Continental
  10. It Might As Well Be Spring
  11. Sweet Leilani
  12. Over the Rainbow
  13. If I Had a Penny
  14. You're After My Own Heart
  15. Withered Roses
  16. You Love Me Just Enough to Hurt Me
  17. What Would You Do (If You Were in My Place)
  18. I Laughed Until I Cried
  19. Haven't Got a Worry
  20. Lovely Weather for Ducks
  21. It Just Happened to Me
  22. When I See You
  23. Cheegah Choonem (I Hven't Got It)
  24. Stick with Me
  25. Lonely Am I