Good Git Together / Fast Livin

Hendricks,jon; Lambert, Hendri

Media Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Number of units × 2
Released 06/07-2019
EAN/UPC 5022810727521
Label AVID
Cat. no. EMSC1342
Genre Jazz
Weight (estimated) 186 gram


  1. Everything Started in the House of the Lord (A Good Git Toge
  2. Music in the Air (A Good Git Together)
  3. Feed Me (A Good Git Together)
  4. I'll Die Happy (A Good Git Together)
  5. Pretty Strange (A Good Git Together)
  6. The Shouter (A Good Git Together)
  7. Minor Catastrophe (A Good Git Together)
  8. Social Call (A Good Git Together)
  9. Out of the Past (A Good Git Together)
  10. A Good Git Together & Everything Started in the House of the
  11. What Would You Do? (Fast Livin' Blues)
  12. Fast Livin' Blues (Fast Livin' Blues)
  13. Saturday Night Fish Fry (Fast Livin' Blues)
  14. Do You Call That a Buddy (Fast Livin' Blues)
  15. I'll Die Happy (Fast Livin' Blues)
  16. Another Get Together (Fast Livin' Blues)
  17. Good Old Lady (Fast Livin' Blues)
  18. Contemporary Blues (Fast Livin' Blues)
  19. Stop and Go Blues (Fast Livin' Blues)
  20. I'll Never Get Enough of You (Fast Livin' Blues)
CD 2
  1. Come on Home (High Flying)
  2. The New Abc (High Flying)
  3. Farmer's Market (High Flying)
  4. Cookin' at the Continental (High Flying)
  5. With Malice Towards None (High Flying)
  6. Hi-fly (High Flying)
  7. Home Cookin' (High Flying)
  8. Halloween Spooks (High Flying)
  9. Popity Pop (High Flying)
  10. Blue (High Flying)
  11. Mr. P.c. (High Flying)
  12. Cottontail (Sing Ellington)
  13. All Too Soon (Sing Ellington)
  14. Happy Anatomy (Sing Ellington)
  15. Rocks in My Bed (Sing Ellington)
  16. Main Stem (Sing Ellington)
  17. I Don't Know What Kind of Blues I've Got (Sing Ellington)
  18. Things Ain't What They Used to Be (Sing Ellington)
  19. Midnight Indigo (Sing Ellington)
  20. What Am I Here For? (Sing Ellington)
  21. In a Mellow Tone (Sing Ellington)
  22. Caravan (Sing Ellington)