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John Wayne's West in Music & Poster Art / Various

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Media Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Number of units × 11
Specielt cover Box set
Released Holland, 16/11-2009
EAN/UPC 4000127167392
Cat. no. BFG2716739.2
Genre Soundtrack
Dimensions 125 × 142 × 10 mm
Weight (estimated) 744 g


  1. Overture (From: the Alamo)
  2. Main Title (De Guella & the Green Leaves of Summ
  3. David Crockett Arrives (From: the Alamo)
  4. Wayne, John - David Crockett's Speech (From: the a
  5. Raid for Cattle (From: the Alamo)
  6. Tennessee Babe (From: the Alamo)
  7. Here's to the Ladies (From: the Alamo)
  8. Robbins, Marty - Ballad of the Alamo (From: the Al
  9. The Green Leaves of Summer (From: the Alamo)
  10. General Santa Anna (From: the Alamo)
  11. Wayne, John - David Crockett (From: the Alamo)
  12. Brothers Four, the - the Green Leaves of Summer (F
  13. Charge of Santa Anna: Death of David Crockett (Fro
  14. Finale (From: the Alamo)
  15. Avalon, Frankie - Tennessee Babe (From: the Alamo)
  16. Avalon, Frankie - the Green Leaves of Summer (From
  17. Avalon, Frankie - Here's to the Ladies (From: the
  18. Avalon, Frankie - the Ballad of the Alamo (From: T
  19. Horton, Johnny - North to Alaska (From: North to a
  20. Fabian - if You Knew (From: North to Alaska)
  21. Horton, Johnny - Go North (From: North to Alaska)
  22. Horton, Johnny - North to Alaska (From: North to a
  23. Main Title (From: the Comancheros)
  24. Marvin, Lee & John Wayne - Red Wing (From: the Com
  25. King, Claude - the Comancheros (From: the Comanche
  26. Main Title (From: the Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
  27. Pitney, Gene - the Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (F
  28. End Title (From: the Man Who Shot Liberty Valance)
CD 2
  1. Overture (Extended Version): How the West Was Won/
  2. Main Title (From: How the West Was Won)
  3. This is the West (From: How the West Was Won)
  4. Ken Darby Singers & the Whiskeyhill Singers - the
  5. Two Hearts on a Tree (From: How the West Was Won)
  6. Ken Darby Singers - Shenandoah (From: How the West
  7. First Meeting (From: How the West Was Won)
  8. Fortina, Carl - First Kiss (From: How the West Was
  9. The Morning After (From: How the West Was Won)
  10. The River Pirates (The River Pirates / Stalking an
  11. Godspeed Eve (Godspeed Eve / the Rapids) (From: Ho
  12. Reynolds, Debbie & Carroll Baker - the Burial (Ber
  13. Wagon Train Forward (Wagon Train & War with Mexico
  14. Sit Down Sister (From: How the West Was Won)
  15. Guard, Dave - Wanderin' (From: How the West Was Wo
  16. The Jump off Point (From: How the West Was Won)
  17. Cleve Van Valen (Cleve Van Valen / Wagon Train / M
  18. Guard, Dave - Poor Wayfarin' Stranger (From: How T
  19. Reynolds, Debbie & the Ken Darby Singers & the - R
  20. Fortina, Carl - Come Share My Life (From: How the
  21. Cheyennes (Cheyennes / Indian Fight) (Extended Ver
  22. Henske, Judy & the Whiskeyhill Quartet - Careless
  23. Morgan, Tommy (Harmonica) - Gold Claim (From: How
  24. Reynolds, Debbie - What Was Your Name in the State
  25. Fortina, Carl - He's Gone Away (Outtake) (From: Ho
  26. Reynolds, Debbie - a Home in the Meadow (From: How
  27. Marriage Proposal (From: How the West Was Won)
  28. Entr'acte (Extended Version): How the West Was Won
  29. Mr. Lincoln (From: How the West Was Won)
  30. Ken Darby Singers - He's Linus' Boy (From: How the
  31. I'm Sad & I'm Lonely (Outtake) (From: How the We
  32. Ken Darby Singers, the - when Johnny Comes Marchin
CD 3
  1. Zeb's Return (From: How the West Was Won)
  2. The Pony Express (From: How the West Was Won)
  3. Chorus - a Railroader's Bride I'll Be (From: How T
  4. Chorus - Workin' (From: How the West Was Won)
  5. The Jugglers (From: How the West Was Won)
  6. Almeida, Laurindo & Carl Fortina (Concertina - No
  7. Zeb & Jethro (From: How the West Was Won)
  8. Buffalo Stampede (Buffalo Stampede / Aftermath) (F
  9. Climb a Higher Hill (Extended Version) (From: How
  10. The Van Valen Auction (From: How the West Was Won)
  11. Gant (From: How the West Was Won)
  12. No Goodbye (From: How the West Was Won)
  13. Celebration (From: How the West Was Won)
  14. Ken Darby Singers, the - Finale (From: How the Wes
  15. Ken Darby Singers, the - Finale Ultimo (From: How
  16. Exit Music: Banks of the Sacramento/salli Terri &
  17. Clark, Immogene & Carl Fortina (Accordion) - Miss
  18. Clark, Immogene & Carl Fortina (Accordion) - a Hom
  19. Clark, Immogene & Carl Fortina (Accordion) - when
  20. Morgan, Tommy (Harmonica) - Shenandoah (Alternate
  21. Clark, Immogene - Rock of Ages (Playback Version)
  22. Clark, Immogene - the Erie Canal (Playback Version
  23. Reynolds, Debbie - Wait for the Hoedown (Extended
  24. First Meeting (Alternate Version) (From: How the W
  25. Darby Singers, Ken - No Goodbye (Demo) (From: How
  26. Reynolds, Debbie - a Home in the Meadow (Alternate
  27. Main Title & Katherine Theme (From: Mclintock!)
  28. Hurry Up Hoedown (From: Mclintock!)
  29. The Other Woman (From: Mclintock!)
  30. Rowdaych (From: Mclintock!)
  31. Run Katie Run (From: Mclintock!)
  32. Wayne, Pat & Stefanie Powers & Jerry Van Dyke - MC
  33. The Young (From: Mclintock!)
  34. The Lover's Waltz (From: Mclintock!)
  35. Powers, Stefanie & Jerry Van Dyke - Just Right for
  36. Red Garters (From: Mclintock!)
  37. The Cakewalk (From: Mclintock!)
  38. Wayne, John - Katie with the Light Red Hair (From:
CD 4
  1. Main Title (From: the Sons of Katie Elder)
  2. Wayne, John - Texas is a Woman (From: the Sons of
  3. The Elders Fight (From: the Sons of Katie Elder)
  4. Dangerous Journey (From: the Sons of Katie Elder)
  5. Trouble in Town (From: the Sons of Katie Elder)
  6. Return to Town (From: the Sons of Katie Elder)
  7. Cash, Johnny - the Sons of Katie Elder (From: the
  8. Rebuked (From: the Sons of Katie Elder)
  9. Memories of Clearwater (From: the Sons of Katie El
  10. Sheriff Ambushed (From: the Sons of Katie Elder)
  11. Katie's Bible (From: the Sons of Katie Elder)
  12. Hastings Ranch (From: the Sons of Katie Elder)
  13. Alexander, George & the Mellomen - El Dorado (From
  14. La Mariposa (From: El Dorado)
  15. Dos Espuelas (From: El Dorado)
  16. Free Frijoles (From: El Dorado)
  17. Hasta Luego (From: El Dorado)
  18. Shoot out (From: El Dorado)
  19. La Noche Y Las Estrellas (The Night & the Stars)
  20. Cuerval (From: El Dorado)
  21. La Cantina (From: El Dorado)
  22. El Dorado (From: El Dorado)
  23. Campbell, Glen - True Grit (From: True Grit)
  24. Rooster (From: True Grit)
  25. Mattie & Little Blackie (From: True Grit)
  26. A Dastardly Deed (From: True Grit)
  27. Papa's Things (From: True Grit)
  28. True Grit (From: True Grit)
  29. Chen Lee & the General (From: True Grit)
  30. Big Trail (From: True Grit)
  31. Cogburn Country (From: True Grit)
  32. Campbell, Glen - True Grit (From: True Grit)
CD 5
  1. Overture (Moving Out) (From: the Cowboys)
  2. Main Title (Morning on the Ranch) (From: the Cowbo
  3. Schoolboys or Cowboys? (The Campsite) (From: the C
  4. Learning the Ropes (On the Trail Again) (From: the
  5. Wild Horses (Wayward Ladies) (From: the Cowboys)
  6. Deserted (From: the Cowboys)
  7. Crazy Alice (Training Spills) (From: the Cowboys)
  8. Alternate Main Title (From: the Cowboys)
  9. The Ranch (Death of a Cowboy) (From: the Cowboys)
  10. Bedtime Story (Nightfall) (From: the Cowboys)
  11. High Spirits (From: the Cowboys)
  12. Rustlers (The Takeover) (From: the Cowboys)
  13. The Death Riders (From: the Cowboys)
  14. Stealing Back the Heard (Final Conflict) (From: Th
  15. Nightfall (From: the Cowboys)
  16. A Coward's Deed (From: the Cowboys)
  17. A Sad Day (A Man to Respect) (From: the Cowboys)
  18. The Trap (From: the Cowboys)
  19. Into the Trap (Trouble) (From: the Cowboys)
  20. The Drive (Learning the Ropes) (From: the Cowboys)
  21. End of the Drive (From: the Cowboys)
  22. Summer's over (From: the Cowboys)
  23. Finale / End Title (From: the Cowboys)
  24. Orchestral Sequence (From: the Cowboys)
  25. Orchestral Sequence (From: the Cowboys)
  26. Orchestral Sequence (From: the Cowboys)
  27. Finale / End Title - Alternate 1 (From: the Cowboy
  28. Finale / End Title - Alternate 2 (From: the Cowboy
CD 6
  1. Dixie (From: the Horse Soldiers)
  2. Male Chorus - I Left My Love (From: the Horse Sold
  3. Lorena (From: the Horse Soldiers)
  4. Male Chorus - Bonnie Blue Flag (From: the Horse So
  5. I Left My Love (From: the Horse Soldiers)
  6. When Johnny Comes Marching Home (From: the Horse S
  7. Bonnie Blue Flag (From: the Horse Soldiers)
  8. Male Chorus - the Girl I Left Behind Me (From: the
  9. Deep River / Lorena (From: the Horse Soldiers)
  10. Kingdom Coming (From: the Horse Soldiers)
  11. Male Quartet - Tenting Tonight (From: the Horse So
  12. By the Campfire (From: the Horse Soldiers)
  13. Male Chorus - when Johnny Comes Marching Home (Fro
  14. Ames, Ed - Main Title / Ballad of the War Wagon (F
  15. Ames, Ed - Ballad of the War Wagon (Studio Version
  16. Main Title (From: the Undefeated)
  17. The Battle Cry of Freedom / Dixie (From: the Undef
  18. Carey Jr, Harry - Yankee Doodle / End Title (From:
  19. Haggard, Merle - Ballad of John Chisum (From: Chis
  20. Polka (From: Chisum)
  21. Haggard, Merle - Turn Me Around (From: Chisum)
  22. Main Title / End Title (From: Rio Lobo)
  23. Main Title (From: Big Jake)
  24. End Title (From: Big Jake)
  25. Orchestral Sequence (From: the Train Robbers)
  26. Main Title (From: Cahill, United States Marshal)
  27. Wayne, John - Streets of Laredo (From: Cahill, Uni
  28. Orchestral Sequence (From: Cahill, United States M
  29. Rich, Charlie - a Man Gets to Thinking (From: Cahi
  30. Main Title / End Title (From: Rooster Cogburn)
  31. Main Title (From: the Shootist)
  32. Bacall, Lauren & John Wayne - Tit-willow (From 'th
  33. End Title (From: the Shootist)
CD 7
  1. Main Title / Return from Patrol (From: Rio Grande)
  2. Sons of the Pioneers - Yellow Stripes (From: Rio G
  3. Soldiers Fight (From: Rio Grande)
  4. Sons of the Pioneers - I'll Take You Home Again Ka
  5. Dispossessed (From: Rio Grande)
  6. Sons of the Pioneers - Cattle Call (From: Rio Gran
  7. Indian Chant (From: Rio Grande)
  8. Johnson, Ben & Harry Carey, Jr & Claude Jarman, -
  9. Reunion (From: Rio Grande)
  10. Indian Raid / Escape (From: Rio Grande)
  11. Sons of the Pioneers - the Erie Canal (From: Rio G
  12. Laundresses' Row (From: Rio Grande)
  13. Sons of the Pioneers - My Gal is Purple (From: Rio
  14. Sons of the Pioneers - Down by the Glenside (From:
  15. Sons of the Pioneers - Footsore Cavalry (From: Rio
  16. Meeting at the Rio Grande (From: Rio Grande)
  17. Confederate Dollars & Yankee Gold (From: Rio Gra
  18. The Girl I Left Behind Me / Departure for Fort Bli
  19. Tyree Meets the Wagon Train / Indian Attack (From:
  20. Call Your Volunteers (From: Rio Grande)
  21. Indian Dance (From: Rio Grande)
  22. Nighttime Approach / Rescuing the Children (From:
  23. Coming Home (From: Rio Grande)
  24. Dixie / End Title (From: Rio Grande)
  25. Main Title (From: the Fighting Kentuckian)
  26. Eight Hundred Miles (From: the Fighting Kentuckian
  27. Windsor, Mary - Oh, Hangman, Let Me Down (From: Th
  28. Wayne, John & Oliver Hardy - Six Hundred Miles (Fr
  29. Main Title / End Title (From: Hondo)
  30. Sons of the Pioneers - the Searchers (From: the Se
  31. Curtis, Ken - Skip to My Lou / Yellow Rose of Texa
  32. Sons of the Pioneers - We Will Gather at the River
  33. Sons of the Pioneers - the Searchers (Studio Versi
  34. Main Title (From: Rio Bravo)
  35. Martin, Dean & Rick Nelson - My Rifle, Pony & Me (
  36. Nelson, Ricky & Walter Brennan - Cindy (From: Rio
  37. Riddle, Nelson - De Guello (From: Rio Bravo)
  38. Martin, Dean - Rio Bravo (Studio Version) (From: R
  39. Martin, Dean - My Rifle, My Pony & Me (Studio Vers
CD 8
  1. Main Title / End Title (From: the Big Trail)
  2. Square Dance (From: the Big Trail)
  3. Main Title / End Title (From: Haunted Gold)
  4. Sweet Genevieve (From: Haunted Gold)
  5. Main Title (From: Texas Cyclone)
  6. End Title (From: Texas Cyclone)
  7. Main Title: My Pony Boy / She'll Be Comin' 'round
  8. Arizona Wranglers - Till We Meet Again (From: Ride
  9. She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain (From: Ride Hi
  10. Main Title (From: the Big Stampede)
  11. Wayne, John - Oh Susanna (From: the Big Stampede)
  12. End Title (From: the Big Stampede)
  13. Main Title: March (From: Telegraph Trail)
  14. Orchestral Sequence (From: Telegraph Trail)
  15. Wayne, John - Country Dance (From: Telegraph Trail
  16. Wayne, John - Oh Susanna (From: Telegraph Trail)
  17. Baldra, Chuck & Jack Kirk - Mandy Lee (From: Tele
  18. Main Title (From: Somewhere in Sonora)
  19. March (From: Somewhere in Sonora)
  20. Vocal Quartet - Main Title (Spanish) (From: the Ma
  21. Alberti, Luis - (El Zapatero) (From: the Man from
  22. Reed, Donald - (Confida a Me) (From: the Man from
  23. Main Title (Also: Sagebrush Trail, the Dawn Rider)
  24. Bradbury, Bill - a Cowboy's Song of Fate (From: Ri
  25. Bradbury, Bill - Song of the Wild (From: Riders of
  26. Main Title (Also: the Star Packer, Texas Terror, P
  27. Main Title (Also Blue Steel) (From: West of the Di
  28. March (From: the Man from Utah)
  29. Main Title (Also: Randy Rides Alone, the Lawless F
  30. Sobre Las Olas (Honky-tonk Piano Solo) (From: Rand
  31. Main Title (From: 'neath Arizona Skies)
  32. Main Title (Also: the Desert Trail, Paradise Canyo
  33. The Texas Two - Murdock, Perry & Gordon Cliffor -
  34. The Texas Two - Murdock, Perry & Gordon Cliffor -
  35. Main Title (From: Westward Ho)
  36. Arizona Wranglers - Covered Wagons Rolling West (F
  37. Arizona Wranglers - the Rocky Road to Town (From:
  38. Kirk, Jack - the Girl I See in My Dreams (From: We
  39. Kirk, Jack - Drinkin' (From: Lawless Range)
  40. Kirk, Jack - on the Banks of the Sunny San Juan (F
  41. Arizona Wranglers - the Old Dusty Road Back Home (
  42. Main Title (From: the Lawless Nineties)
  43. Oh Susanna / Heaven! Heaven! (From: the Lawless Ni
  44. Main Title (From: King of the Pecos)
  45. Orchestral Sequence (From: King of the Pecos)
  46. Main Title (Also: Winds of the Wasteland) (From: T
  47. Fred 'snowflake' Toones: Camptown Races (From: the
  48. Chorus - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (From: the Lonel
  49. Mcdaniel, Etta - Old Folks at Home (From: the Lone
  50. Main Title / End Title (Also: Overland Stage Rider
  51. Orchestral Sequence (Also: Red River Range, Three
CD 9
  1. Main Title (From: Stagecoach)
  2. Orchestral Sequence (From: Stagecoach)
  3. Rios, Elvira - (Al Pensar en Ti) (From: Stagecoach
  4. End Title / Jeanie with the Light-brown Hair (From
  5. End Title (From: Wyoming Outlaw)
  6. Main Title (From: the New Frontier)
  7. The Land of the New Frontier (From: the New Fronti
  8. (Way out on the Range) (From: the New Frontier)
  9. Main Title / End Title (From: Allegheny Uprising)
  10. Wills, Chill - Jeannie Mcdougal (From: Allegheny U
  11. Fife & Drum March (From: Allegheny Uprising)
  12. Chorus - Yankee Doodle (From: Allegheny Uprising)
  13. Main Title / End Title (From: Dark Command)
  14. Main Title (From: the Shepherd of the Hills)
  15. Field, Betty - Unconstant Lover (From: the Shepher
  16. Brahms Lullaby (From: the Shepherd of the Hills)
  17. Orchestral Sequence (From: the Shepherd of the Hil
  18. Fadden, Tom - Happy, Happy Hunting Ground (From: T
  19. Main Title / End Title (From: the Spoilers)
  20. Barnes, Binnie - California Joe (From: in Old Cali
  21. Buttolph, David - Jerusalem My Happy Home (From: I
  22. March (From: in Old California)
  23. Buttolph, David - There's Gold in the Valley (From
  24. Main Title (From: Lady Takes a Chance)
  25. Singin' It, Swingin' It (From: Lady Takes a Chance
  26. Main Title / End Title (From: in Old Oklahoma)
  27. Wayne, John - Red Wing (From: in Old Oklahoma)
  28. Evans, Dale - Put Your Arms Around Me Honey (From:
  29. Down by the Old Mill Stream (From: in Old Oklahoma
  30. Hayes, George 'gabby' - Pierpoint Morgan (From: in
  31. Main Title / End Title (From: Tall in the Saddle)
  32. Main Title / End Title (From: Flame of Barbary Coa
  33. Too Much Mustard (From: Flame of Barbary Coast)
  34. Grey, Virginia - Baby Blue Eyes (From: Flame of Ba
  35. Dvorak, Ann - Love, Here is My Heart (From: Flame
  36. Wayne, John - Love, Here is My Heart (From: Flame
  37. Dvorak, Ann - Carrie, Marry Harry (From: Flame of
  38. Dvorak, Ann - by the Light of the Silvery Moon (Fr
  39. Dvorak, Ann - That Man is Always on My Mind (From:
  40. Grey, Virginia - Have a Heart (From: Flame of Barb
  41. Main Title (From: Dakota)
  42. Munson, Ona - Coax Me! (From: Dakota)
  43. Orchestral Sequence (From: Angel & the Badman)
  44. Barton, Joan - There's Something in Your Eyes (Fro
CD 10
  1. Main Title (From: Fort Apache)
  2. Chorus - Mccafferty's March (From: Fort Apache)
  3. Foran, Dick - Sweet Genevieve (From: Fort Apache)
  4. Orchestral Sequence (From: Fort Apache)
  5. Irish Jig (From: Fort Apache)
  6. Oh, Dem Golden Slippers (From: Fort Apache)
  7. Col. Thursday's Charge (From: Fort Apache)
  8. Settle Down to Missouri (From: Red River)
  9. She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (From: She Wore a Yellow
  10. Orchestral Sequence (From: She Wore a Yellow Ribbo
  11. Main Title (From: Three Godfathers)
  12. Carey Jr, Harry & John Wayne - Streets of Laredo (
  13. Orchestral Sequence (From: Three Godfathers)
  14. Carey Jr, Harry - Shall We Gather at the River (Fr
  15. Opening 'screen Directors' Guild Assignment' (Host
  16. Introduction by George Marshall & John Ford (Fro
  17. Stagecoach (Adapted from the Sceenplay by Milton G
  18. Short Discussion of the Production (From: January
  19. Barton, Frank - Closing Announcement by Frank Bart