Don Cherry Singles Collection 1950-59

Don Cherry

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Media Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Antal enheder × 3
Released 07/03-2019
EAN/UPC 0824046907822
Cat. no. ACTRCD9078
Genre Jazz
Weight (estimated) 248 gram


  1. Mona Lisa
  2. Third Man Theme
  3. Just Say I Love Her
  4. Here in My Arms
  5. Thinking of You
  6. It May Be on Sunday
  7. I'll Always Love You
  8. Don't Worry 'bout Me
  9. I Can't Seem to Laugh Anymore
  10. When You Return
  11. The Seven Wonders of the World
  12. Beautiful Madness
  13. Chapel of the Roses
  14. Bring Back the Thrill
  15. I Apologize
  16. Don't Leave Me Now
  17. Don't Cry
  18. Vanity
  19. Powder Blue
  20. Cara Cara Bella Bella
  21. Belle, Belle, My Liberty Bell
  22. Maybe It's Because (I Love You Too Much)
  23. While We're Young
CD 2
  1. I Will Never Change
  2. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love with You)
  3. Take Me Back
  4. Sentimental Tears
  5. It Doesn't Matter Where I Go
  6. Wonder
  7. My Mother's Pearls
  8. It's Been So Long, Darling
  9. Silver Dew on the Blue Grass Tonight
  10. I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire
  11. (I Want My Kisses) from Your Lips Only
  12. How Long
  13. The Second Star to the Right
  14. Changeable
  15. All by Myself
  16. I Got to Pass Your House to Get to My House
  17. Leave No Stone Unturned
  18. Till the Moon Turns Green
  19. Too Long
  20. I'm Through with Love
  21. I'm Just a Country Boy
  22. Where Can You Be
  23. Home Again
  24. Sip of Moonlight
  25. Tell It to Me Again
CD 3
  1. What Am I Trying to Forget!
  2. Band of Gold
  3. Rumble Boogie
  4. The Thrill is Gone
  5. Wanted, Someone to Love Me
  6. Wild Cherry
  7. I'm Still a King to You
  8. Ghost Town
  9. I'll Be Around
  10. Namely You
  11. The Story of Sherry (Dia Prasina Matia)
  12. Give Me More (Donnez Moi Tout Ca)
  13. The Last Dance
  14. Don't You Worry Your Pretty Little Head!
  15. Mr. Teardrop
  16. There's a Place Called Heaven
  17. Fourteen Karat Gold
  18. I Keep Running Away from You
  19. A Ferryboat Called Minerva
  20. It'll Be Me
  21. Love Me, if You Will (Amami Se Vuoi)
  22. Another Time, Another Place
  23. The Glide
  24. Big Bad Wolf
  25. I Look for a Love
  26. The Golden Age
  27. Hasty Heart