Embassy Label



Media Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Antal enheder × 3
Released 11/08-2014
EAN/UPC 0824046904425
Cat. no. ACTRCD9044
Genre Musical
Weight (estimated) 248 gram


  1. Medley; Getting to Know You, Hello Young Lovers, Shall We Da
  2. Medley; We Kiss in the Shadow, March of the Siamese Children
  3. Medley: People Will Say We're in Love, Oklahoma, Oh What a B
  4. Some Enchanted Evening (From 'south Pacific')
  5. I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair (From 'south Paci
  6. Younger Than Springtime (From 'south Pacific')
  7. A Wonderful Guy (From 'south Pacific')
  8. Medley: Mister Snow, a Real Nice Clambake, You'll Never Walk
  9. Medley; if I Loved You, June is Bustin' out All over (From '
  10. A Hundred Million Miracles (From 'flower Drum Song')
  11. You Are Beautiful (From 'flower Drum Song')
  12. I Enjoy Being a Girl (From 'flower Drum Song')
  13. Like a God (From 'flower Drum Song')
  14. Chop Suey (From 'flower Drum Song')
  15. Love Look Away (From 'flower Drum Song')
  16. Sunday (From 'flower Drum Song')
  17. Grant Avenue (From 'flower Drum Song')
  18. The Sound of Music (From 'the Sound of Music')
  19. Sixteen Going on Seventeen (From 'the Sound of Music')
  20. My Favourite Things (From 'the Sound of Music')
  21. Climb E'vry Mountain (From 'the Sound of Music')
  22. Edelweiss (From 'the Sound of Music')
  23. Do-re-mi (From 'the Sound of Music')
  24. I Could Have Danced All Night (From 'my Fair Lady')
  25. I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face (From 'my Fair Lady')
  26. Show Me (From 'my Fair Lady')
  27. Get Me to the Church on Time (From 'my Fair Lady')
  28. On the Street Where You Live (From 'my Fair Lady')
  29. Wouldn't It Be Luverly (From 'my Fair Lady')
  30. The Rain in Spain (From 'my Fair Lady')
  31. With a Little Bit of Luck (From 'my Fair Lady')
  32. Sunday
  33. Grant Avenue
  34. The Sound of Music
  35. Sixteen Going on Seventeen
  36. My Favourite Things
  37. Climb E'vry Mountain
  38. Edelweiss
  39. Do-re-mi
  40. I Could Have Danced All Night
  41. I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face
  42. Show Me
  43. Get Me to the Church on Time
  44. On the Street Where You Live
  45. Wouldn't It Be Luverly
  46. The Rain in Spain
  47. With a Little Bit of Luck
CD 2
  1. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man (From 'showboat')
  2. Why Do I Love You (From 'showboat')
  3. Bill (From 'showboat')
  4. Make Believe (From 'showboat')
  5. Ol' Man River (From 'showboat')
  6. It Ain't Necessarily So (From 'porgy and Bess')
  7. Summertime (From 'porgy and Bess')
  8. I Got Plenty of Nuttin' (From 'porgy and Bess')
  9. A Woman is a Sometime Thing (From 'porgy and Bess')
  10. Bess You is My Woman Now (From 'porgy and Bess')
  11. I'm on My Way (From 'porgy and Bess')
  12. Medley; Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat; Take Back Your Mi
  13. Medley; Woman in Love; I'll Know; Luck Be a Lady (From 'guys
  14. Medley: He's in Love, and This is My Beloved, Baubles Bangle
  15. Gigi (From 'gigi')
  16. The Night They Invented Champagne (From 'gigi')
  17. Thank Heaven for Little Girls (From 'gigi')
  18. Say a Prayer for Me Tonight (From 'gigi')
  19. Seventy Six Trombones (From 'the Music Man')
  20. Goodnight, My Someone (From 'the Music Man')
  21. Wells Fargo Wagon (From 'the Music Man')
  22. Till There Was You (From 'the Music Man')
  23. Medley; Lida Rose, Will I Ever Tell You (From 'the Music Man
  24. Put on a Happy Face (From 'bye Bye Birdie')
  25. One Boy (From 'bye Bye Birdie')
  26. One Last Kiss (From 'bye Bye Birdie')
  27. A Lot of Livin' to Do (From 'bye Bye Birdie')
  28. Everything is Rosie (From 'bye Bye Birdie')
  29. Baby, Talk to Me (From 'bye Bye Birdie')
  30. Say a Prayer for Me Tonight
  31. Seventy Six Trombones
  32. Goodnight, My Someone
  33. Wells Fargo Wagon
  34. Till There Was You
  35. Medley
  36. Lida Rose
  37. Will I Ever Tell You
  38. Put on a Happy Face
  39. One Boy
  40. One Last Kiss
  41. A Lot of Lovin' to Do
  42. Everything is Rosie
  43. Baby, Talk to Me
CD 3
  1. Consider Yourself (From 'oliver!')
  2. Where is Love (From 'oliver!')
  3. Food Glorious Food (From 'oliver!')
  4. Reviewing the Situation (From 'oliver!')
  5. As Long As He Needs Me (From 'oliver!')
  6. I'll Do Anything (From 'oliver!')
  7. Far Away (From 'blitz')
  8. Opposites (From 'blitz')
  9. The Day After Tomorrow (From 'blitz')
  10. Mums and Dads (From 'blitz')
  11. Down the Lane (From 'blitz')
  12. Tonight (From 'west Side Story')
  13. I Feel Pretty (From 'west Side Story')
  14. Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'be (From 'fings Ain't Wot They U
  15. The Lady is a Tramp (From 'pal Joey')
  16. True Love (From 'high Society')
  17. Standing on the Corner (From 'the Most Happy Fella')
  18. Woman in Love (From 'guys and Dolls')
  19. I Got Rhythm (From 'girl Crazy)
  20. Love Walked in (From 'the Goldwyn Follies')
  21. The Man I Love (From 'lady Be Good' & 'strike Up the Band')
  22. Rhapsody in Blue
  23. Someone to Watch over Me (From 'oh Kay')
  24. S Wonderful (From 'funny Face' & 'american in Paris' )
  25. Don't Bring Lulu (From 'when My Baby Smiles at Me')
  26. Charleston (From 'runnin' Wild')
  27. Do Do Do (From 'oh Kay')
  28. Crazy Words, Crazy Tune
  29. The Black Bottom (From 'scandals of 1926')
  30. I Wanna Be Loved by You (From 'good Boy' & 'some Like It Hot