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With total editorial freedom, this DVD proves the most frank, candid and penetrating investigation into the superstardom that is Madonna. Featuring rare and previously unreleased footage of Madonna's live stage performances, as well as her own views on her career, the film explores why her music worked and why, at times, it didn't. This independent review discovers the musician, the actress and the performer that make up the superstar and provides an entertaining retrospective on her career a career that defied all odds and every changing fashion. Performances appearing on DVD for the first time include the legendary 'Sooner or Later', from the Oscar awards ceremony and 'Vogue', performed in true Marie Antoinette style.



Media Musik     MDVD   (Musik-DVD)
Released EU, 02/06-2008
Original release date 2007
EAN/UPC 0823880020506
Label CL RO
Cat. no. CRP2050
Genre Pop
Weight (estimated) 126 gram
Primary Contributor Madonna