Tubular Bells II - Live

Mike Oldfield

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This collection features the premiere live performances (in Edinburgh and London) of Mike Oldfield's follow-ups to his hugely successful 1973 album, TUBULAR BELLS.
TUBULAR BELLS II: "Introduction," "Sentimental," "Dark Star," "Clear Light," "Blue Saloon," "Sunjammer," "Red Dawn," "The Bell," "Weightless," "The Great Plain," "Sunset Door," "Tattoo," "Altered State," "Maya Gold," "Moonshine," and "Reprise."

TUBULAR BELLS III: "Introduction," "The Source of the Secrets," "The Watchful Eye," "Jewel In The Crown," "Outcast," "Serpent Dream," "The Inner Child," "Man In The Rain," "The Top of the Morning," "Moonwatch," "Secrets," "Far Above the Clouds," "Secrets - Reprise," "Far Above the Clouds - Reprise."



Media Musik     MDVD   (Musik-DVD)
Released Danmark, 19/07-1999
EAN/UPC 0639842724326
Label Warner Music Vision
Cat. no. 3984272432
Genre Rock     Rock / Pop
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Primary Contributor John Gordon Sinclair
Primary Contributor Mike Oldfield
Editor Guy Harding