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In just 4 years BAEST have established themselves as somewhat of a household name in Denmark - not a small feat considering that they play sinister, brutish death metal. They have won two Gaffa Awards and consistently played acclaimed shows all over Europe, including several insane festival shows on Roskilde Festival, Copenhell, Royal Metal Fest and more. They have even performed on the danish Primetime morning TV-show, Go' Morgen Danmark, and was interviewed on the Primetime evening show, Aftenshowet. Not something your average metal band would be invited to. All of this with only a debut album and a couple of EP's under their belt.

As performers they are currently unrivaled, delivering high-octane shows with stage presence and showmanship like no other band in their genre. As musicians they are at the peak of their power, which will be evident on their upcoming sophomore album, Venenum.



Media Musik     LP/CD   (LP og CD)
Udgave High quality edition
To be released 13/09-2019
EAN/UPC 0190759716618
Label Century Media
Cat. no. 19075971661
Genre Metal / Alternative
Weight (estimated) 300 gram

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