2001: A Space Odyssey

Stanley Kubrick

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"Its triumph lies in its scope of cinematic splendour and the attempt to marry some of man's most beautiful music to the infinite

mystery of space." - Almar Haflidason, BBC NEW

"Awesome, influential, mind-blowing, cool, obsessional, pretentious - 2001 is all of these." - Angie Errigo, EMPIRE MAGAZINE [UK]

"The film creates its effects essentially out of visuals and music. It is meditative. It does not cater to us, but wants to inspire

us, enlarge us." - Roger Ebert, CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

"[Retains] its artistic magnificence after more than 30 years." - Desson Howe, WASHINGTON POST

Media Film     DVD
Udgave Standard edition
Composer Stanley Kubrick
Released Danmark, 06/08-2001
EAN/UPC 5051895041383
Label Warner Bros.
Cat. no. 1000162586
Genre Drama
Dimensions 191 × 136 × 14 mm
Weight 95 gram
Playtime 02:23:00
Region code Region 2 (Europa)
Lydformat Dolby Digital 5.1
Billedformat 16:9
Language Danish  
Original language English
Subtitles Danish English Norwegian Swedish German Finnish Icelandic Italian Dutch
Executive Producer Irmelin Dicaprio
Author Stanley Kubrick
Author Arthur C. Clarke
Instructor Stanley Kubrick
Producer Stanley Kubrick
Voice Douglas Rain
Voice Frank Miller
Brand Other