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 Exterior Ballistics with Applications

Gjergj Klimi


Exterior Ballistics with Applications - Skydiving, Parachute Fall, Flying Fragments presents a modern approach to introduce the basics of exterior ballistics and its methods from the simple ideal model of projectile motion to the automatic solution of the differential equations of projectile flight using PC programs.
The book uses different approaches to solve the differential equations of projectile motion - among them the Siacci method and the numerical methods.
The results obtained through the integration of differential equations of projectile flight are mostly analytical formulas that describe the projectile trajectory and make the exterior ballistics a comprehensible science.
The Differential Equations of Projectile Flight are also integrated numerically using some original PC programs that can be easily modified to be used in similar scenarios or other new ones and give the reader the possibility to solve a great variety of Exterior Ballistics problem. Exterior Ballistics with Applications can be considered as an interdisciplinary applied mathematics and physics manuscript for the vast mathematics and physics models and techniques employed. It is a great source for applications in physics, calculus, differential equations, numerical methods, and PC programming as well.
The book is illustrated with about 140 solved examples related to different artillery and infantry firearms that demonstrate the use of formulas and the solution methods of ballistics to find the elements of projectile trajectories. Exterior Ballistics with Applications includes as well two interesting topics that can be considered as applications of exterior ballistics:
1. Skydiving and parachute falling related with the trajectory of a parachutist launched from a horizontally flying airplane with un-deployed parachute, in different meteorological conditions, and in pr

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Media   Hardcover   (Bog med hård ryg)
Released   28/03-2009
ISBN13   9781436323604
Publisher   Xlibris
Pages  660
Dimensions   229 × 152 × 41 mm
Weight   1.116 gram
Language   English