De store fagbøger: Romaer - Helle Hinge - Bøger - Gyldendal - 9788702261967 - 1/3-2019

De store fagbøger: Romaer

Helle Hinge

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De store fagbøger: Romaer

Media Books     Sewn Spine Book   (Book with soft cover and high quality sewn spine)
Edition 1st edition, 1st printing
Released 1/3-2019
ISBN13 9788702261967
Publisher Gyldendal
Genre Textbooks     School Books and Textbooks
Pages 48
Dimensions 272 × 197 × 5 mm
Weight 176 g
Language Danish  
Original language Danish
Cover Artist Carsten Schiøler
Illustrator Martin Bassett
Artist Carsten Schiøler