The Truth About the Russian Bolsheviks

U B Tompson

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Publisher Marketing: Name William Boyce Thompson, known in the history of the XX century, although he played a very important role in the Bolshevik Revolution, leading a mission to the Red Cross in Petrograd. Indeed, if in Russia in 1917 was not Thompson, subsequent events could develop a very different course. Without the financial and, more importantly, diplomatic and political support given to Trotsky and Lenin by Thompson, Robins, and their New York friends, the Bolsheviks may well have been swept away and Russia evolved into a socialist would, but constitutional society. Who is he, William Boyce Thompson? Thompson was the founder of a number of joint stock companies in the field of mining. Before World War I led operations in the exchange market for copper enterprises Guggenheim. He operated the considerable financial resources, demonstrating flair to implement complex projects to deploy capital and easily penetrate to the centers of political and financial power. In 1914 - 1919 years. He served as director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He was the first supported Kerensky and then became an ardent supporter of the Bolsheviks; he left to posterity everlasting symbol of this support laudatory book in Russian, "The truth about Russia and the Bolsheviks." The powerful circles of the Entente at the outset of the Civil War provided the Bolsheviks behind the scenes support financing even their revolutionary propaganda in Germany and Austria-Hungary. This support is determined not so much by governments as the financial community, which sought to capture the Russian market and managed to have a corresponding impact on their governments. The New York Times reported, for example, that only the first eight months of 1921, the US imported gold at $ 460 million. Gold received not only from Russia, for the United States banks are owed all the belligerents. However, Russia's greatest war trophy, ever knew the world (since Russia was named in the memorandum of 1918, financier William B. Thompson Lloyd George on the need to support the Bolsheviks) flow of gold was the most powerful, given that it is declared as imported from Sweden, France, Holland and other countries, as well as direct delivery of gold to the United States from the Bolsheviks were complicated due to their non-recognition of the diplomatic.

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Released 01/02-2015
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