Mercenaries of Panama: Shada

Lee Dorsey

Shada is an assassin, a trained killer. It?s a far cry from what she expected when she went to medical school. It?s also a long way from what she was taught by Al Qaeda, after an old flame convinced her to become a terrorist. Making a terrorist attack one day, her luck ran out and she was captured by the Company. They came close to killing her, but instead instead sold her to an Egyptian slave trader. A senior Company ranger eventually acquired her from the slave trader and took her to Panama, where the Company decided they could use her talents. When Shada is on a mission, she is all business. When she?s on her own, she is over-sexed, hedonistic and ? venturesome. She satisfies those cravings at every turn. She was good at killing, too. After several years of that, she wanted to return to medicine, only to find that the Company was not eager to lose such a valuable asset. One way or another, Shada was done with killing. That was when she realized that you don?t retire from The Company; you can only try to escape. How she does that is a story in itself.

Media Bøger     Paperback Book   (Bog med blødt omslag og limet ryg)
Released 20/01-2015
ISBN13 9781625261847
Publisher Solstice Publishing
Pages 294
Dimensions 152 × 17 × 229 mm
Weight 395 gram
Language English