A Moor's Point of View


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"The gifts of the understanding are the treasures of Allah and He appointed to everyone his portion, in what meausure seemeth good unto Himself." Holy Koran Chapter 26 instruction 1. A Moor's Point of View is a labor of LOVE, founded on TRUTH, seeking PEACE, giving FREEDOM and becoming JUSTICE by studying SELF and the teachings of Timothy Drew Ali. This work is truly unique because it is plainly laid out for all to grasp and understand. Many questions and answers in the Koran Questions For Moorish Americans baffle those new to the science as well as those who have been studying for years. In this book you'll find that not only are the questions and answers of the Koran Questionaire broken down, elaborated on and explained. You'll find that the reason the question is asked is addressed. And in many of the Questions and Answers if you don't put the question in context then the answer leaves one without a clear understanding. A Moor's Point of View, goes beyond and lends the reader a view from a unique vantage point. The portions of understanding within this book are truly gifts of ALLAH. You'll find after each question and answer end notes making this book an ideal study guide and a must have for all Moors of all sects, and those seeking enlightened by the teachings of the Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

Media Bøger     Paperback Book   (Bog med blødt omslag og limet ryg)
Released 11/06-2013
ISBN13 9781612861685
Publisher Felonious Penmen Publications
Pages 92
Dimensions 6 × 150 × 225 mm
Weight 145 g
Language English