Drusilla and Her Dolls

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This charming true story of a little girl named Drusilla growing up in the 1860s is a loving tribute to Drusilla's mother-a woman wise enough to honor the sacred spaces of childhood and the holy spirit of her child's originality. An only child, Drusilla made playfellows of her doll collection. Her gentle recounting of their adventures has entranced five generations. Now, the republication of this delightful book makes it available for many generations to come. Originally published in 1921.

Media Bøger     Hardcover Book   (Bog med hård ryg og stift omslag)
Released 1970
ISBN13 9781557095985
Publisher Drusilla Deja
Pages 58
Dimensions 10 × 134 × 191 mm
Weight 159 gram
Language English