Growing Up with Princess Lizzy: Little Life Lessons

Gma Mary Adkinson

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Publisher Marketing: How do you handle a situation when you know someone hasn't told the truth? What do you do when you see a little girl without a coat in the cold of winter? Where do flowers go when they disappear? What do you do when your feet don't reach the floor? Hi, I'm Gma Mary. Being a mom six times, a grandma 17 times, and a great grandma five times and counting, I've encountered these questions and many more. As a parent or grandparent, it can be difficult to find stories that approach life lessons in a kind, thoughtful, and sometimes humorous way. You will find Princess Lizzy to have a simple, open hearted personality as she enjoys the adventures of a lifetime. Her great big smile will steal your heart. Originally created for one of my granddaughters, I was urged to share them with other young people and those young at heart. Here they are...hope you enjoy! Follow Princess Lizzy on Twitter or Facebook so your child won't miss a single adventure. I relish your input as to what you like or dislike about the stories. If you have ideas for other life lessons, I would love to hear from you. Perhaps, your idea will become a new adventure for Princess Lizzy. Please contact me at Dr. Mary Adkinson lives in the heart of Oklahoma on one and a half acres with her husband, Bob. Lots of birds, squirrels, and occasionally coyotes or skunks keep them company. Their kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids are scattered across Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Contributor Bio:  Adkinson, Gma Mary I am known to patients as Dr. Mary, but I am known as "Gma Mary" to my six children, 17 1/2 grandchildren, and six times and counting great-grandchildren. It can be difficult to find stories that approach life lessons in a kind, thoughtful, and sometimes humorous way. That is just what I've done with the Growing Up With Princess Lizzy series. I am a retired Doctor of Optometry and live with my husband on one and a half acres in the Heart of Oklahoma. We love traveling, ballroom dancing, photography, reading...and family. Lots and lots of family.

Media Bøger     Paperback Book   (Bog med blødt omslag og limet ryg)
Released 05/10-2012
ISBN13 9781478719939
Publisher Outskirts Press
Genre Topical > Family
Pages 52
Dimensions 254 × 178 × 4 mm
Weight 109 gram
Language English