The Trilogy of the Rose

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Publisher Marketing: Into the melting pot of modern life: * Blend one emotionally-scarred woman, a psychiatric therapist who slays demons, and the mature love and wisdom of an octogenarian. * Introduce a dash of mystery, a dab of romance, and a pinch of humor. * Add the seasonings of the woman's former contacts and two furry companions. * Pour into a secluded, wintry wonderland and allow to develop. The first part of this trilogy introduces Mrs. Samantha (Sami) Carter, whose shattered world has triggered her to withdraw from reality. The arrival of an unexpected package by courier awakens her inner fears, and she seeks clinical assistance. Answering her cry for help, psychiatric therapist, Dr. Mark Stevens, finds Mrs. Carter unresponsive. Seeking clues to the cause, he is drawn into Sami's world and subsequently uncovers the 'key' which awakens her. He calls upon the clinic's 'Queen of Volunteers', Grandma Jo, to assist with Mrs. Carter's basic needs. Delighted to assist Mark, Grandma Jo weaves her wisdom, her ample provision, and her love into the other two's lives. Together, the three start a journey to dry the tears of 'The Crying Rose'. The second part continues the story of Dr. Mark Stevens' quest to assist this damsel-in-distress. With determination and single-minded purpose, he formulates a treatment plan, but soon realizes he must first overcome the thorn in his path, namely Sami, in order for this rose to be 'In Full Bloom'. Dr. Mark Stevens' pursuit to uncover the reasons Sami hides her emotional sufferings is this story's third component. Mark is aided by a familiar voice from Sami's past - the keeper of her history. Together, they encourage Sami to face the fears of her past and open the door to her future, one filled with a 'Bouquet' of possibilities, including a budding romance.

Media Bøger     Paperback Book   (Bog med blødt omslag og limet ryg)
Released 21/07-2012
ISBN13 9781478279716
Publisher Createspace
Genre Sex & Gender > Feminine
Pages 396
Dimensions 229 × 152 × 21 mm
Weight 526 gram
Language English