'eternal Optimism...: Hope is the Cause of Love and They Cannot Exist Without Each Other; Love is 'selfless...


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Publisher Marketing: I share with you not to deter or do anything negative towards your belief and faith, but to strengthen it against the many forms of oppositions you encounter from both outside and within "your chosen religion." You are intelligent and it will be easily understood/revealed to you as you continue your journey of "Getting There..." (making) The story within the life becoming the life within the story Fundamental Eternal Optimism Quotes: Every human that breathes the breath of life knows and believes in the "Total Body" of "E. O" which is an "individual sum" known as "Hope," "Love," and "Happiness." "Eternal Optimism" brings you the "Total Body" of "Hope," "Love," and "Happiness" in a true "selfless" manner that exponentially benefits others firstly and self ultimately! All things we do are and can always be reduced to "Hope" and "Love" as we seek "Happiness!" "Hope" is the "father" of "Love" which is a "simple complexity" that illustrates the essence of trust in "Hope!" "Hope" is the cause of "Love" and they cannot "exist" without each other! "Love" is the best tangible manifestation of "Hope!" "Hope" and "Love" are a combination that is cyclical in nature and dependent on the other to materialize "Happiness" in your life! "Hope's" limit is "Love" which both "limit" you to "Happiness!" "Eternal Optimism" is acquired through one's own "belief" and "trust" in the "Total Body" of "Hope," "Love," and "Happiness!" The three "simple complexities" of basic categories for true "prosperity" is the "Total Body" of "Hope," "Love," and "Happiness!" With "Hope" and "Love" in your life's daily operations first, you have "limitless" progress! "Return Of Investment" ("ROI") is "limitless" when your first priority is "Hope" and "Love!"

Media Bøger     Paperback Book   (Bog med blødt omslag og limet ryg)
Released 31/08-2012
ISBN13 9781477265765
Publisher Authorhouse
Genre Topical > Family
Pages 108
Dimensions 229 × 152 × 7 mm
Weight 168 gram
Language English