Dancing with Myself

Billy Idol

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Marc Notes: A Touchstone book.; Idol shares his life story from his childhood in England to his rise to fame during the height of the punk-pop revolution, revealing intimate details about the sex, drugs, and rock and roll that he is so fabulously famous for--all told in his own ... voice--Amazon.com. Table of Contents: Prologue: They Say If You Hear the Bang, You're Still Alive -- Part I. London -- 1. I Let Out My First Rebel Yell -- 2. England Swings Like a Pendulum Do -- 3. Rock 'N' Roll High School: Long Hair, Flares, and Hash Tobacco Cigarettes -- 4. Sucking in the '70s -- 5. And Then There Was Punk -- 6. In a Revolution, One Year Equals Five -- 7. Generation X Marks the Spot: William Broad Becomes Billy Idol -- 8. A Night at the Roxy -- 9. Punk Comes of Age When the Two Sevens Clash -- 10. Youth Youth Youth: Break On Through to the Other Side -- 11. White Light, White Heat, White Riots -- 12. Not Selling Out, But Buying In -- 13. Bands Across the Ocean -- 14. Ready Steady Go -- 15. And I Guess that I Just Don't Know -- 16. You Better Hang On to Yourself -- Part II. New York City -- 17. A Rock 'N' Roll Conquistador Invades America and Burns His Boats Upon Arrival -- 18. Making Mony Mony: A Left-Coast Fusion of Punk and Disco -- 19. If You Can Make It Here -- 20. Hot in the City: The Making of Solo Billy Idol -- 21. Hollywood Daze and Tequila Nights -- 22. I Want My MTV: Video Thrills the Radio Star -- 23. Rebel Yell with a Cause -- 24. A Change in Pace of Fantasy and Taste -- 25. Everybody Must Get Rolling Stoned -- 26. The Roar of the Lion and a Nonstop Global Orgy -- 27. Just a Perfect Day -- 28. King Death: An Aborted Film Project Signals the End of an Idol Maker -- 29. Top of the World, Ma -- 30. Return to Splendour -- 31. The Luck of the Irish -- Part III. Los Angeles -- 32. We Need a Miracle Joy, We Need a Rock and Roll Boy -- 33. La Vie Enchante -- 34. City of Night -- 35. Trouble with the Sweet Stuff -- 36. Drunken, Stupid, & Naked -- 37. I Bear a Charmed Life, Which Must Not Yield -- 38. Hollywood Promises -- 39. Have a Fuck on Me -- 40. The Madam and the Preacher -- 41. Mind Fire -- 42. Bitter Pill -- 43. My Road Is Long, It Lingers On -- Epilogue -- Acknowledgments -- Index. Publisher Marketing: "I am hopelessly divided between the dark and the good, the rebel and the saint, the sex maniac and the monk, the poet and the priest, the demagogue and the populist. Pen to paper, I've put it all down, every bit from the heart. I'm going out on a limb here, so watch my back." --Billy Idol An early architect of punk rock's sound, style, and fury, whose lip-curling sneer and fist-pumping persona vaulted him into pop's mainstream as one of MTV's first megastars, Billy Idol remains, to this day, a true rock 'n' roll icon. Now, in his long-awaited autobiography, "Dancing with Myself," Idol delivers an electric, searingly honest account of his journey to fame--from his early days as front man of the pioneering UK punk band Generation X to the decadent life atop the dance-rock kingdom he ruled--delivered with the same in-your-face attitude and fire his fans have embraced for decades. Beyond adding his uniquely qualified perspective to the story of the evolution of rock, Idol is a brash, lively chronicler of his own career. A survivor's tale at its heart, this sometimes chilling and always riveting account of one man's creative drive joining forces with unbridled human desire is unmistakably literary in its character and brave in its sheer willingness to tell. With it, Billy Idol is destined to emerge as one of the great writers among his musical peers. Review Citations: New York Times Book Review 12/07/2014 pg. 47 (EAN 9781451628500, Hardcover) Contributor Bio:  Idol, Billy Born William Michael Albert Broad, Billy Idol is a multiplatinum recording artist and two-time Grammy nominee. Known for successfully merging his signature punk attitude with an appealing blend of pop hooks, dance beats, and gritty metallic crunch, Idol created some of rock's most indelible anthems, including "Rebel Yell," "White Wedding," and "Cradle of Love." Idol's latest release, his first studio album in nearly a decade, is titled "Kings & Queens of the Underground". He lives in Los Angeles.

Media Bøger     Hardcover Book   (Bog med hård ryg og stift omslag)
Released 07/10-2014
ISBN13 9781451628500
Publisher Touchstone Books
Pages 326
Dimensions 231 × 158 × 36 mm
Weight 522 gram
Language English