The Wealth and Progress of New South Wales Volume N . 6

T a Coghlan


Publisher Marketing: This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1899 Excerpt: ...1828, in which, with the view of enabling the bakers the btteer to meet the demands of the public, and of keeping down the price ot bread as far as the means of the Government would permit, he signiiind his intention, until the ensuing crop should be available, of putting up to auction sale a portion of the wheat in the public stores on each successive market day, in lots of 24 bushels each, for the accommodation of the small dealers. These sales were to be conducted for ready money, and the profit, if any, after defraying the cost of the wheat and the charges incurred by the Government in procuring it, was to be appropriated to a fund for the supply to poor settlers of seed-maize. Fat cattle at this time were quoted at 3 per head, wethers and male lambs at 15s. each, female lambs at 2, and ewes at 2 and 3. During 1834 wheat fell as low as 3s. per bushel, and rose in the latter part of the year as high as 14s. Prices were, however, subject to much fluctuation, particularly those for articles which were not produced m the country. The long absence of a ship from China with tea, or from the Mauritius with sugar, sometimes produced a rise in the price of these articles of 100 to 200 per cent., to be followed on the arrival of the vessel by a relapse to ordinary prices. In 1832 bread was sold at 7d. to 8d. per 2-lb loaf, and flour at 14s. to 15s. per 100 lb. In 1835 beef was 2d. per lb., sugar 2Ad., and tea 2s. per lh. In times of flood or drought flour has been known to rise from 15 to. 50 per ton; and wheat from Van Diemen's Land fetched as much as 20s. per bushel in 1828. In 1834 the price of flour was 33k. per 100 lb., and the reputed 2-lb. loaf sold at 8d.; maize was 3s. 6d. per bushel; beef, by the quarter, l d. per...

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