Saint Patrick: His Confession and Other Works

Fr. Neil Xavier O'donoghue

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Discover St. Patricks relevance for the 21st century through his Confession and Letter to Coroticus and the beautiful discourse of Pope John Paul II given in Drogheda. With fuller appreciation, pray with St. Patrick in a newly composed Novena based on early Irish sources. Publisher: Catholic Book Publishing Company Translated by Fr. Neil Xavier O Donoghue Format: 144 pages, green, 4 3/8 X 6 3/4 ISBN: 978-0-89942-181-0

Media Bøger     Paperback Book   (Bog med blødt omslag og limet ryg)
Udgave 1st edition
Released 01/09-2009
ISBN13 9780899421810
Publisher Catholic Book Publishing Corp
Pages 143
Dimensions 9 × 124 × 173 mm
Weight 136 gram
Language English