Glasses in the Grass: Devotions for My Friends

R E Clark

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Publisher Marketing: Perhaps you are wondering why your life experiences have taken you down a pathway that sometimes seems lonely and mysterious. You are asking why to a lot of questions that appear to have no earthly answers. The reason is simple: Your Life Truly Is A Parable! R. E. Clark has gathered the parables that are common to all of us and connected them to the scriptures. You will find real answers each day of the year as you peer into the stories of his everyday experience. These parables will take you along a road marked with pain and suffering as well as hope and assurance. Glasses in the Grass: Devotions for My Friends will help you find heaven's meaning in the parables that you are living each day. Each day's devotional will: Provide you with quick insight into the day's scripture passage by using real life stories Allow you to expand your study though technology as you scan the included QR-codes which link you to online resources Engage you in the revelation of hearing God speak to you as the parables of your life unfold through your life experiences. Wherever you are along life's journey, you will use Glasses in the Grass as a daily companioin to relieve some of the loneliness and mystery. You will find not only a friend who travels with you day by day, but one who has already experienced so much of what you go through day by day.

Media Bøger     Paperback Book   (Bog med blødt omslag og limet ryg)
Released 29/09-2015
ISBN13 9780692544389
Publisher Gng Publishers
Pages 384
Dimensions 229 × 152 × 22 mm
Weight 562 gram
Language English