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English Dingo - tre flag. Primært til 6.-7. klasse: The fairground of death

Henrik Einspor


  Spændende frilæsning til 6.-7. klasse.   Then the man says, “ Kids love horror. They’ll do anything for a bit of fun. The Fairground of Death has the wildest rides. If you get in, you’ll never get out. My cousin’s son disappeared two years ago.” He shows me a photo. “ Tom was a nice kid, but The Fairground of Death took him!”

Item details

Media Booklet   (Bog med hæftet ryg)
Udgave 1st edition, 1st oplag
Released 10/08-2009
ISBN13 9788702080926
Publisher Gyldendal
Genre Skole- og Lærebøger, Div.
Pages 64
Dimensions 200 × 120 × 6 mm
Weight 99 gram
Language Danish
Original language Danish
Cover Artist Narayana Press
Cover Illustrator Jon Ranheimsæter
Illustrator Jon Ranheimsæter